Sales Configurators and Web Design

Web-Based Sales Configurators

Crafting an effective web-based system that is both effective and accessible requires input from various areas of expertise. Obtaining a forensic understanding of the target audience or “end-user” is vital when it comes to creating the most effective web platform. Having a knowledge of where your target audience finds their information, when and how they access the web and understanding how your audience are influenced and makes choices, will ultimately increase the effectiveness and drive sales.

Armed with the knowledge of who will be using the platform, Driven Design can then DriveWorksLiveSite-high-resadvise which technical approach will prove most useful, taking in to account factors such as design, usability and content.

As with all website or platform design, Driven Design understands the importance of the planning stage. Our team of experts take the time to navigate through the minefield that is web design, from the audience research and visual preferences, through to features and technical considerations, as well as cost and timeline factors. From this stage, the technical build of the web platform can begin.

Graphic Design

Creating any website or platform starts with a design. Whilst there are many website templates available online, it is vital that the platform not only appeals to the target audience, but also has the relevant technical and content credentials to take the consumer on a journey, providing the desired information readily and allowing an online purchase to be made quickly and easily.

Whether you require support with an existing website template, or whether you are starting with a blank canvas, Driven Design can provide support with or without DriveWorks as the product configurator. Our team fully understands and appreciates the importance and value of graphic design, particularly when it comes to conveying your brand message online.

Our creative service takes in to account a whole host of factors including imagery, usability, structure and layout, and with vast experience of DriveWorks, our graphic designers can work with individual DriveWorks screens, website product pages that hold these screens, or the full combination of the website and configurator.

Technical Implementation

Once a structured plan has been put in place, we begin to craft the online platform, utilising our wealth of experience in both technical implementation of DriveWorks and general web design.

With so many ways to utilise the DriveWorks system, either as a stand-alone web-based sales configurator, an embedded component of a website or a background system to a website processing sales documentation and manufacturing instructions, our team will advise on the best way to use the system in each individual circumstance.

In addition to the design and technical build of a website, we also readily advise on other factors such as installation, network and machine configuration all crucial to the user experience. We aim to take the fuss out of the setup and deployment of your online platform , and as such can also provide assistance when it comes to configuring your own machines on your company network or offer help should you require web hosting at external data centres.

Copywriting & SEO

When it comes to populating your website or platform with content, our copywriters will help to produce text that not only conveys your brand message effectively, but also has the credentials to help you stand out from the crowd.

Once again, understanding the target audience here is key, and our copywriters take time to gain an insight to your business or brand goals, as well as researching where your customers source their information and make choices.

With so many people utilising popular search engines such as Google, acquiring a prominent position in search results is vital. Our SEO experts can advise on the placement of “key words” as well as “good practice” to ensure a desirable and prominent search result is achieved. Our team have the experience to advise on the most ideal “cocktail” of SEO services for each individual circumstance, also taking in to accounts tools such as Ad Words and paid media.

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