Finite Element Analysis

Any useful product has to be fit for purpose, and able to withstand the various stresses and strains it will be subject to during its lifetime.

Is the product strong enough? Does it actually work the way it was designed? Does it satisfy its purpose? Would part of the structure fail and at what point under how much force? These are the kinds of questions that are vital to ask in the early stage of product development, and the answers will help to shape future planning and decision making when it comes to development and manufacture.

Whilst practical testing may sound like a simple concept, it is often very impractical, expensive and in some cases dangerous.

For this reason, we use a digital analysis method called Finite Element Analysis. Finite Element Analysis is a complex and safe test of the product using a computerised method which accurately predicts how a product will react to the various forces it is designed to withstand e.g. real-world forces, vibration, heat, impact, fluid flow or other physical effects.

Our skill and expertise with modern Finite Element Analysis packages enables us to provide reports and ultimately advice when it comes to design function. From this, suggestions on necessary improvements will be made. The improvements may be to improve or amend the materials used, identify ways in which we can strengthen weak areas, improve fluid flow or vibration problems and overcome stress fatigue.

The outcome of this analysis, will allow us to suitably confirm the products viability and suitability, as well as recommend any points that could improve the product’s design credentials.

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