Part / Assembly and Drawing Creation

There are many different approaches when it comes to the generation of Parts Assemblies and Drawings. Whether you are creating a high volume of designs with minimum complexity or a small volume of larger, more complex designs, we are fully aware of the best practices and techniques available for putting such assemblies and drawings together. In addition, many companies require parts assemblies and drawings to contain inbuilt intelligence, enabling variations of such designs to be made quickly and easily.

Whether you simply require an extra pair of hands to fit in to a fast-paced drawing office through busy periods, or you are looking for a skilled designer to work on specific design projects, Driven Design can provide the solution you require. In addition, DrivenDesign can also provide a “virtual drawing office” should this be required.

Taking the right approach is vital when it comes to the design of parts, assemblies and drawings. Based on individual requirements, we choose the most relevant tools, features and practices to best suit the application.

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