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Product Design

Above all we are creative people. Got an idea? Let's take it all the way!

Product Design
The World’s greatest brands and inventions started with a simple idea. Our skilled product designers take your idea on a journey from concept right through to manufacture, not only working closely with you to ensure your idea transforms in to a workable product, but providing support to ensure it reaches its full practical and business potential. Whether your idea is brand new, or an adaptation of an existing product, our experienced team can support you right through the development and manufacturing process. Above all, we are creative people and we thrive in an environment where we can put that creativity in to practice. If your idea needs further development, talk to us and let us take your concept further…

Often a great idea is impeded by resource constraints. Driven Design offers a variety of solutions to ensure that through dynamic staffing and extensive planning, product design and development can adhere to an efficient and productive timetable. With over 20 years’ experience, we can provide support to both individual entrepreneurs as well as providing an extension to the in-house assets of large corporations or businesses. Committed to providing flexible solutions, we provide both long and short-term options and can work from our own offices in Manchester or within your organisation.

If you have an idea, why not call or email us? You can also visit us for an informal chat in our Manchester city centre offices.

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