Concept Design

Whether you need long or short-term support, our experience and expertise will ensure you have the right support at the right time, helping to transform your idea in to a feasible reality.

Our concept design process starts with in-depth discussions and consultations with you to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your vision.

Being a creative team, we use a variety of tools and resources to gain a thorough understanding and develop your idea further. Whether it’s a mind-mapping session on a white board, an informal chat at your own home or premises, or a more formal sounding board with industry experts at our city centre offices, we will help you to gather the valuable research you need to take the idea forward.

From these consultations, we provide concept drawings, identifying solutions to any technical issues that may arise in addition to any functional or practical considerations.

A concept will often have limitations. Through our experience and expertise, we can identify where these issues or limitations may occur and advise on feasible solutions before they incur any financial, legal or practical repercussions.

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