Presentations and Animations

Whether preparing to approach stakeholders, or beginning the marketing campaign, the need to create life-like images and animations for proposals, presentations and pitches is critical.
Our experts can help guide you through the key features most suited to place your design in the environment that fits best, paying particular attention to shadows and visual properties.

In a digital world, people not only want to see how a 3D model would appear in reality, they want to see it in various colours or with several materials. They may even want to see the model in a different environmental setting or in a different light. In addition, users want to be able to interact with the model or even manoeuvre or walk-through to gain more than one perspective.

Alongside these animations, our team create rendered images of designs placed in specific and complimenting settings and scenes, focussing on lighting, shadows and placement.

SolidWorks has an array of in-built features and core functionality. These include Photoview 360 which enables us to create photo-realistic rendered images for presentations, and SolidWorks Motion for animations and walk-throughs.

The SolidWorks Visualization products enables a deeper and in-depth story to be told through professional photo-quality images, animations and 3D content.

Our experienced engineers can utilise both the wide range of core functionality and features or the more advanced options of the SolidWorks visualisation suite to best suit your needs.

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