2D to 3D Modelling Services

Are you a company that is new to 3D modelling?

Driven Design has helped many companies new to SolidWorks and 3D modelling. In addition to providing guidance and advice, Driven Design has also helped many companies bring their historic 2D drawing library up-to-date, ready for use in a new 3D format.

Do you have a wealth of legacy designs in 2D formats that need bringing into the 3D world to utilise the many benefits of 3d assemblies, modern data management, visual presentations and animations?

Driven Design can provide an easy solution to bring your legacy designs right up to date, converting from 2D to 3D using SolidWorks. SolidWorks utilises many specific features to help with the translation of 2D data, enabling you to bring your designs in to the 3D world without starting from scratch. In summary, DrivenDesign aims to take the trouble out of converting your legacy design portfolio.

Don’t want to commit to the resource of a full time employee for what in essence is a one off task of translating data?

Quite often, the task of translating data can take a staff member away from other essential day-to-day tasks, potentially impacting on the smooth-running of the business. The Driven Design team can provide an easy solution, translating data and producing your 3D designs.

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