Engineering Designs

When the time is right, Driven Design will help to make the transition between concept and physical product, as seamless and smooth as possible. This stage can be both exciting and challenging, with the ultimate goal being to create a 3D solid model along with clear 2D engineering drawings.

The key goal here is to prove that the product is possible and physically feasible, rather than just an idea. By creating a prototype, the suitability for purpose can be analysed further, and any potential problems with its actual function can be addressed.

Using specialist mechanical design software, we consider a whole host of factors including size, geometry and construction, ultimately shaping your 3D physical prototype using a mechanical design software called SolidWorks.

In addition, we produce 2D industry standard drawings, laying the foundations for future production and manufacture.

Whilst the product could go on to be re-created from this 3D model and 2D drawings, this stage does not necessarily highlight the most efficient manufacturing process e.g the most efficient materials, the most suitable machines or least impactive process on the environment. Those considerations will be identified and analysed in the Design for Manufacture phase.

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