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SolidWorks Services

Solid Modelling Drafting and Rendering

Why SolidWorks?SolidWorks
Whilst there are many CAD packages on the market, Driven Design fundamentally uses the market leader in 3D mechanical CAD design – SolidWorks. The feature-rich application offers a multitude of benefits to any design process, ultimately speeding up and improving the creation of 3D models, 2D drawings, animations and photo-realistic renderings. We are confident that SolidWorks provides clients with the ultimate resource, complete with many features and benefits, and are passionate about helping clients use the software to the very highest level.

Industry Experts…
Our team of designers and engineers have worked in a whole host of industry sectors for many years including automotive, oil and gas, civil engineering and construction, furniture and household goods. Combining industry knowledge with a thorough understanding of SolidWorks, creates the ultimate one-stop solution.

A Certified SolidWorks Professional
Our engineers have been heavily involved with SolidWorks since its inception, so have a forensic understanding of the software. Whilst many companies currently have the software, many users do not have the experience or resource to unlock its full potential. The Driven Design team has the expertise to ensure you get the most out of the software, as well as providing an extra pair of hands when you need them most, fitting seamlessly alongside your own in-house team to support extensive projects.

Bespoke Approach…
Our bespoke and individual approach means we can not only support those large organisations who may already have a good understanding of SolidWorks but perhaps require additional support, but also those smaller businesses where SolidWorks may be a very new concept. We are also committed to providing the very highest level of customer service. This approach has enabled us to establish lengthy, successful relationships with a host of clients, who depend on our flexibility, approachability and dedication.

Unlocking possibilities…
With so many specialist areas of SolidWorks, having a fully trained professional who can quickly locate the most suitable resources for your goals and industry, is highly productive. Whether it’s the Sheet Metal & Weldments tool for companies that fabricate, or Surfacing and Mould Design for companies working with plastics, our team’s intricate knowledge of SolidWorks means we are well placed to provide the support you need, when you need it.


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